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CCNA Routing & Switching Certification Training is a keystone course designed to develop your exphhertise in installing, configuring, operating and troubleshooting midsize routing and switching networks.It is a well designed programme that will provide you with the basic knowledge required in becoming a networking expert and can help advance your career. 

Companies are more fond of controller-based architectures and so it is important for network engineers to keep up with the times. 

NTA will furnish you with practical, applicable and industry-ready domain knowledge.This course will prepare you to manage and optimize network systems and infrastructure, including routing, switching, wireless access, security and more.

CCNA Routing and Switching certification will enhance your credibility within IT organizations and help you become better acquainted and will develop relevant, job-ready skills in you. 


Times are changing, and everything that is remotely important belongs on the internet. CCNA improves your chances of employment as the need for networking technicians and system administrators is greater than ever. Network professionals with CCNA certification can expect a heftier salary than others in the industry. 

CCNA certification can open doors for different job profiles like:

  • NOC Engineer

  • TAC Support

  • System Administrator 

  • Network Administrator

  • Server Administrator 

  • Freelance Jobs 

Skills CCNA Will Provide You With 

NTA’s Routing and switching certification will help you advance in your networking career and will improve your skills set by a great deal.  

  • Ability to install, operate and troubleshoot medium-sized network routers, switches and data-centers, switch networks and offer service and support.

  • Understand the key concepts and functionality of networking and TCP/IP, including Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and EtherChannel

  • Ability to control and equalize network structures such as switching, routing, etc.

  • Develop key skills for managing the CISCO Internetwork, devices and the process of configuration and troubleshooting of OSPF, EIGRP and IPv6

  • Work confidently on WANs, Network Address Translation (NAT), DHCP & NTP

 Importance Of CCNA

CCNA is ideal for IT technicians and entry-level engineers aspiring to advance their career in the networking field. Those that can benefit from the course include, network specialists, network administrators, network engineers, systems engineers, network support specialists, network administrators, network consultants and systems integrators.

Everything we do that holds some importance, is online. Things from, reading, shopping, communicating, business setups, everything is on the world wide web. Major names in the IT Industry like Amazon, have an infrastructure which is completely based on the technology grid. It utilizes computers, internet, information flow, data security as its non-separable entities. All this makes the need for advancement in the networking knowledge all the more important 

Why Pick NTA For CCNA? 

NTA will help you become a professional in no time. The training methods are brilliantly explained so that you will have no difficulty at all. 

The power of networking is real. With the use of networking equipment and protocols, also comes the need for a dedicated networking team to set up and make sure their internet run smoothly all the time. This is why NTA provides you with a course outline that is easy to understand and has numerous benefits. 

The future of networking is promising. It has prospects, availability, has an area for growth and offers a better salary than other jobs in the industry. 

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