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Policy For Tutor

1- Steps to be followed to get registered as a tutor of our academy;

a. Applicant shall fill and submit the application form online provided on our website.
b. All the information should be authentic with proper details as any wrong personal or professional information may result in cancellation of registration any time.
c. Non-refundable registration fees of 500/- PKR shall be paid through a bank or by any other mean as advised by the academy.
d. After you transfer the registration fees by the prescribed method of Academy, contact the Academy for registration confirmation.
e. After our confirmation, you will be part of our academy as a registered tutor.

2- Other terms and conditions;

a. Academy will surely provide you with the tuition leads but to finalize the deal with the clients will be the responsibility of a registered tutor.
b. Academy suggests you not to provide any services to the client without advance payment and in case any client refuses to pay after services have been provided. The academy shall not be responsible for the loss. So it is recommended to the registered tutors to provide maximum one or two trial sessions if needed.

You can begin the registration process online or telephone 0302-2147604 for a no-obligation consultation to explore how personal tutoring can make a difference for you, your family or organization.

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